6 tháng 10, 2018

Unrar Multi Files with One Click - Giải nén Winrar bằng 1 click


We have all extracted in-numerous files and folders from a single archive. We have repeated the process for many RAR archives too. However, most of us are unaware of how to extract multiple RAR files into one or individual folders each OR Extract all archieved folder full of file in one HUGE folder, such as things you download from Usenet or Scene torrent.

This is the folder download from scene tracker

In every folder in ViDEO is a bunch of zip files

In each zip files is another rar files and 2 more info file attached.

My point is How to Unzip All of them, then Unrar next, finally Delete all the zip and rar files. All with just ONE command (or ONE click)

  1. DIR %/A:D /> C:\RARlist.txt
  2. ' Unrar all the zip files - Giải nén toàn bộ các file zip
  3. FOR /%%IN (C:\RARlist.txt) DO winrar x -o- -ibck %1\%%v\*.zip %1\%%v
  4. ' Erase all the zip files just unrar, and diz, nfo - Xóa máy file zip vừa giải nén và cả file nfo, diz
  5. FOR /%%IN (C:\RARlist.txt) DO DEL %1\%%v\*.zip
  6. ' Continue UNRAR rar file - Tiếp tục giải nén file rar
  7. FOR /%%IN (C:\RARlist.txt) DO winrar x -o- -ibck %1\%%v\*.rar %1\%%v
  8. ' Erase all the RAR files just unrar - Xóa các file rar vừa giải nén trên
  9. FOR /%%IN (C:\RARlist.txt) DO DEL %1\%%v\*.rar
  10. FOR /%%IN (C:\RARlist.txt) DO DEL %1\%%v\*.r??
  11. FOR /%%IN (C:\RARlist.txt) DO DEL %1\%%v\*.diz

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